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Live Listen is an accessibility feature on the iPhone and iPad. It can turn your iPhone into a microphone and AirPods into a speaker to hear the person on the other side clearly in a crowded place. If you’ve got AirPods and iPhone running on iOS 12 or later, just pair them and let me show you how to use live listen with AirPods.

Before we begin:

Live Listen lets your iPhone or iPad use the built-in microphone to send sound to your AirPods. This becomes useful when you have trouble listening to the conversation in a noisy place.If your iOS device is kept in another room, you can listen to the voices around that place on your AirPods (though it isn’t meant for it).Live Listen doesn’t work with any other headphones except AirPods, Powerbeats Pro, and Made for iPhone hearing devices.

Devices Compatible with Live Listen

iPhone 5 and lateriPad 4th Generation and later modelsiPad Pro all modelsiPad Air all modelsiPod Touch 5th Generation and later models

How to Add Live Listen to Control Center

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.Go to Control Center.Tap Customize Controls.open settings tap on control center and tap customize controls on iphoneopen settings tap on control center and tap customize controls on iphoneTap “+” before the Hearing option to add it to Control Center.tap on plus to add hearing option to control center on iphonetap on plus to add hearing option to control center on iphone

How to Use Live Listen with AirPods and iPhone

Now, as Live Listen is added to Control Center, let’s move forward to using it. Before enabling it, make sure your AirPods are connected to your iPhone. Also, you have to put the AirPods in your ears to enable the Live Listen on your iPhone. Once done, follow these simple steps.

Open Control Center on your iPhone.Select the Hearing icon.Tap on Live Listen to turn it on.turn on live listen on iphoneturn on live listen on iphone

Live Listen will be activated, and you’ll be able to listen to the nearby sound through your AirPods. You can place your iPhone close to the person you’re having the conversation with to listen to their speech more conveniently.

How to Turn Off Live Listen on iPhone

At the end of the conversation, when you need to disable Live Listen, open Control Center, select the Hearing icon and turn off Live Listen. Or, just take the AirPods off your ears, and Live Listen will get automatically turned off.

turn off live listen on iphone

turn off live listen on iphone

Signing off…

This is how the Live Listen feature works with AirPods. Previously, this option was available only for Made for iPhone hearing aid devices. So what do you think? How cool is Live Listen with your AirPods? Let me know in the comments section below!

If Live Listen is not working, check out our thorough guide on troubleshooting the problem.

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