This app can do your math homework for you.


Are you a college or high school student who hates math lessons? Microsoft has your back. With the company's latest Microsoft Math Solver app, you can let the app do all the heavy lifting for you.

So far the app works as expected in our tests, although we did not throw anything too crazy about it. There are several ways to solve mathematical equations for you, including photographing a math problem, writing, or even hand-drawing on the screen.

There are many other mathematical apps like functionality, but Microsoft's solution seems to offer the most complete functionality. With apps like Photomath, users can already capture photos of mathematical equations and solve them for you. However, Microsoft Math Solver offers several other features that Photomath does not offer.

If Microsoft Math Solver can not find a solution Bing uses the answer to find the solution. If you combine that with the app's step-by-step explanations, learning tools, and general features, you have one of the most powerful math apps available.

We do not recommend doing your homework for you, but it may be useful for those of you who are struggling with specific equations.

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