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The right way to Conceal Your Caller ID When Calling on iPhone

<pre><pre> How To Hide Your Caller Id When Calling On Iphone
 How To Hide Your Caller Id When Calling On Iphone

Sometimes when you call someone you may not want them to see your phone number. This can happen when calling strangers from marketplaces like Craigslist, random delivery people, or an untrustworthy person, or simply keeping your number private. Whatever your reason, here are three ways to hide your caller ID when making an outgoing call on iPhone.

Hide your caller ID per call.

Several countries (but not all) allow you to use a shortcode in front of the number to hide your caller ID. The code that works for most US airlines is * 67. For other US airlines in several European countries and some other countries such as Australia, South Africa, and Canada, the code to hide the caller ID is # 31 #. For South Korea it is * 23 # and for the United Kingdom and Ireland it is 141.

This is how the phone number is hidden when calling.

Open the phone app and tap the keyboard .
Enter * 67 or the corresponding shortcode. Follow the phone number.
Tap the phone icon to start the call.
The other person doesn't see your caller ID.


This method is free.
It works per call.
Not all airlines (not even from the same country) support these codes.
If the contact is saved in your phonebook, copy the number and paste it after the shortcode.
If necessary, you can see the code for your country here.

Hide caller ID for all calls via iPhone settings

If you think you don't want to show the number to anyone you're calling, it's easy to turn off Caller ID for all outgoing calls. That's how it works.

Open the Settings app and tap on Phone .
Tap View my caller ID .
Turn off the switch for Show my caller ID .  Hide caller ID for all calls via iPhone settings


This is also free.
If you can't turn it off, it means your carrier doesn't support it. (See next method)
Follow the steps above to redisplay Caller ID and enable Show my Caller ID.

Use your carrier app or website to hide Caller ID.

Several carriers may not support the above methods. However, you can hide your Caller ID by enabling this option on their official app or website.

Verizon requires you to sign in to your carrier account. Next, under Block Services or Additional Services, find Caller ID. You can hide it from here.

Sign in to your carrier account for Sprint. Next, select your phone and click Change Service → Set Up Phone → Block Caller ID.

Note : With AT&T and T-Mobile, you can use the code or the iPhone Settings app to hide the Caller ID.

If the app or website method (or the first two methods) doesn't bring you luck, contact your carrier’s customer care via phone call, twitter, email, or physical store and ask for help blocking callers -ID.

Some important points to consider!

Multiple countries (like India) and multiple providers (like Vi) don't give you the option to hide Caller ID.
With multiple carriers (like Jio), they seem to work even if you follow the first two methods. In reality, however, the call will fail or be made without hiding your Caller ID.
Even after hiding your Caller ID, your phone number might always appear when you call toll-free numbers or emergency services like 911.

Hide your phone number successfully!

This allows you to hide your phone number when calling others. Hope this quick guide has been helpful and now you can call people without revealing your Caller ID.

What do you think about that? Did it work in your country or with your network operator? Let us know in the comments below.

If you are interested, you can also have a look at apps that can be used to obtain second phone numbers.


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