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The best way to Sync Contacts from Gmail to iPhone or iPad

How To Sync Contacts From Gmail To Iphone Or Ipad
How To Sync Contacts From Gmail To Iphone Or Ipad

Google is set as the default account to store your contacts online on most Android smartphones. One of the perks of using it is to save & sync contacts and access them on any platform. So if you’ve recently switched from Android to iOS, it is easy to sync contacts from Gmail to iPhone and iPad. Let me show you how you can do it.

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
Go to Passwords & Accounts.
Tap Add Account.
Tap on GoogleContinue.
Enter your email Id or phone number and tap Next.
Enter your password and hit Next.tap on continue and sign in with using gmail details on iphone
Once signed in, turn on the Contacts toggle, then tap Save.turn on toggle for contacts and tap on save to sync contacts from gmail to iphone

All your Gmail contacts will be synchronized with your iPhone and iPad.

If you want, you can remove them or delete the Google account you’ve added by going into the same Passwords & Accounts settings. Also, if you already have set up the Google Account, you just need to turn on the Contacts toggle to synchronize your Gmail contacts.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
Scroll down and go to Contacts.
Tap Default Account – the last option.open settings tap on contacts and tap on default account on iphone
Select Gmail.set gmail contacts as default on iphone

Now that Gmail is set as the default account, the Contacts app will only display the contacts synchronized with your Google account.

Open your Gmail account in a browser on your computer.
Click on the Google Apps icon.click on google apps icon in gmail account
Click on Contacts.click on contacts in google account on mac
Click on Export from the left-side menu.click on export from left menu in google account
Underneath Export as, select vCard and hit Export.export contacts from google account to computer
Note: You can select and export a few contacts instead of all. To do so, select contact names, then click export.
The vCard file will be downloaded.contacts vcard file is downloaded on mac
Now sign in to your iCloud account on your computer.
Open Contacts.click on contacts in icloud account on computer
Click on the Settings icon from the bottom left corner and select Import vCard.click on settings and select import vcard in icloud on mac
Import the vCard from your computer that you’ve downloaded.select file and click on choose to import google contacts to icloud

Your Google contacts are added to your iCloud account. It will be synchronized with your iPhone and iPad if you’ve set up the iCloud with the same Apple ID.google contacts are added to icould account

Signing Off…

So these were two ways you can sync contacts from Gmail to your iOS device. You can also sync your Google Calendar with your iPhone. Check out our particular guide on the same.

If your love for using Google apps continues even after switching to iOS, these posts are full of vital information!

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