Samsung is patenting a Galaxy Pill that folds right into a fit-sized display


Samsung released the Galaxy Fold earlier this year. Although the device did not have a steady start, the company rebooted the device, which was one of the first of its kind to succeed. Smartphones with collapsible displays have been a popular trend since 2019, and many companies like Huawei and Motorola also offer collapsible devices. According to a new report, Samsung is now working on a new Galaxy Tab with folding display.

The most recent Samsung patents reveal a Samsung Galaxy Tab with a clamshell-based folding display. In other words, unlike the Galaxy Fold, the device will bend from top to bottom (vertical) rather than from both sides (horizontally), similar to the Motorola Razr 2019. Specifically, the patents also reveal a full-body screen on the front panel could be that the Korean technology giant uses a built-in front camera.

The design from the patents and renderings also shows the main functional aspect of the tab. With this device, Samsung may develop a Galaxy Tab that is portable, as the device is easier to carry after folding and may also fit in pockets. In addition, the designs also show that the device can be used in the form of a mini-laptop by placing its lower half on a surface and using the upper part as the main screen. The folding mechanism could lead to the inclusion of some interesting multitasking mechanisms. Since the Galaxy Fold is prized as a tablet-enabled phone, the abovementioned ability to turn into a mini-laptop may also be more interesting for the business markets.

 Samsung "width =" 1024 "height =" 782 "/> Rendering via LetsGoDigital 

<p> The design patents for the upcoming device were provided by Samsung Electronics and the European Intellectual Property Office and in the database of the World Intellectual Office Sorry, we do not know if Samsung plans to make this design a reality. </p>
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