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Rotate a Video on iPhone and iPad

How To Rotate A Video On Iphone And Ipad
How To Rotate A Video On Iphone And Ipad

Like your pictures, in order to give you a good viewing experience, even your Video requires an excellent orientation. Maintaining the wrong orientation video will adversely affect the user actuality while viewing a video on your iPhone. When viewed in landscape mode, videos are often more accessible as it takes more room to achieve the optimal viewing experience. So, here’s how you can rotate videos from photos app and iMovie on your iPhone and iPad.

How to Rotate a Video on iPhone and iPad running iOS 13 and Later

Click on the Photos app and find the video to rotate it.
Tap on “Edit,” and under the edit icon, tap on “Crop.”
You will find two icons above on the left-hand side, tap on “Rotate,” and on each tap on the rotate icon, the video’s orientation will change. To change the orientation from “Portrait” to “Landscape.”tap on edit and tap on crop then tap on rotate in photos app on iphone
Tap on “Done.”
Video created will be saved in “Landscape mode”.tap on done to rotate a video on iphone running ios 13

How to Rotate a Video on iPhone Using iMovie

Download the “iMovie” app on your iPhone
Open the “iMovie” app and tap on “Create Project.”
Tap on “Movie”.open imovie app tap plus and tap on movie on iphone
Select the video to edit and change the orientation.
Tap on “Create Movie” and with your two fingers, rotate the video “Anti-Clockwise” and tap on “Done.”select video tap on create movie and rotate video in imovie app on iphone
Under the “Share” icon, tap on “Save video” and choose the “Export size.”
And you can view your Rotated video in your “Photo Library.”tap on share and select save video in imovie app on iphone
select video resolution and tap on ok to save video in photos app on iphone

Signing Off!!

1080p can be used as the appropriate export size to export your iMovie video to iPhone as long as one of the clips in your project was originally created in one of these formats.  If you enjoy shooting videos on your iPhone, it’s a good idea to stay up to date and edit your videos like a pro.

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Next time, we’ll see you with more such insights. Until then, keep editing and exploring with your camera lenses.

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