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Pumpkii modular robotic for pets surfaces on Indiegogo at enticing beginning value of $149

Pumpkii Modular Robot For Pets Surfaces On Indiegogo At Attractive Starting Price Of $149
Pumpkii Modular Robot For Pets Surfaces On Indiegogo At Attractive Starting Price Of $149

The world’s first modular robot for pets – Pumpkii has finally arrived on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. As teased by the company a few weeks ago, the Pumpkii modular robot is now available at an affordable starting price of $149. It houses several advanced features that enable the owners to take care of pets even when they’re away.

The interested users can head over to the Indiegogo listing page to check more details about the robot for your beloved pets.

Pumpkii is a multi-function modular robot that entertains your pet, treats them with rewards, and can even arrange live video feed any time. The dedicated app for robot assists users to easily access the features with just a few taps.

Pumpkii robot can move in any direction and can even capture moments of your pet.  It is designed to assist both cats and dogs in the absence of their owners. It is an excellent companion for both pets.

Pumpkii Features

Keep Pets Entertained

The advanced Pumkii robot houses support for voice and video interaction. It can even treat pets on the accomplishment of any given task. However, the modular robotic arm allows disposing-off the waste.

Moreover, the treat dispenser enables the owners to feed their pets with 11 different types of treats. The multi-functional snack bucket holds 100 different sized snacks. The owner can even treat the pet remotely using the app.

 Live Video

Pumpkii offers an option to watch your pet live in a 720p video stream over a WiFi connection. You can have a voice and video communication with your pet from anywhere in the world. The 110-degree ultra-wide lens brings a clear and wider look of your loved pet.

Advanced Design 

The advanced robot has beautiful design along with an omnidirectional Mecanum wheel which enables the robot to move back and forth and in any direction easily. It can move 360-degrees without any major issue on any surface. The flexible Robotic-arm further extends its list of features.

It is carved out of industrial ABS material which can withstand 30 pounds of pressure.

Intuitive Pumpkii App

Pumpkii app improves the functionality of the robot. It packs a beautiful and easy to use interface. The app primarily enables the user to capture photos, control robots, and see live video.

Pumpkii robot houses a 2600 mAh built-in battery which provides 8 hours to 3 days of standby time upon a single full charge. It automatically charges hen the power is less than 40%.

Technical Specifications

CPU: ARM Cortex A9
RAM: 512MB
Storage: 8GB
Camera: 2.0MP with a 110-degree wide-angle.
Connectivity: WiFi, BT 4.1
Video Call Format: QVGA< VGA 720P Speaker: 1x Battery Capacity: 2200 mAh Dimensions: 10.8 x 9.69 x 2.0 inch


The interested user can take different perks or pledge and every pledge have different offering. Pumpkii Robot Basic offers a 1x Pumkii robot for $149. In order to get Pumkii and Treat DIspenser then it costs $199 and Pumkii + Robotic Arm costs $249.

It is available via the Pumpkii Indiegogo crowdfunding page for the users around the globe.