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Pixel's improved RAM administration also needs to be displayed on different Android telephones


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The Google Pixel series has This week received a so-called ” feature drop “which brings some additions to Ge councils. One of these additions is an improved RAM management method that compresses cached apps to reduce their space requirements.

Now The Verge has interviewed a Google employee and reported that this method of RAM management should find its way to other Android phones.

How about a timeline? The website states that the functionality may not be available on other Android phones until the next version of Android (Android R / 11). In other words, the Pixel series may have received an Android feature almost a year before other phones.

However, the Pixel series certainly needed better RAM management, as Pixel 3 owners often complained that the phone was hastily destroying the apps. Fortunately, the Pixel 4 series offered more RAM, from 4GB to 6GB pixels 3.

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But the improved memory management should be a plus for the Pixel 4 and OEM devices with more RAM, especially when new Android versions are on the market. Hopefully, manufacturers will try to transfer this feature to their budget phones (ie, 3GB of RAM and below), as this could make a huge difference to these devices.

This would not be the only feature offered in the US next Android version, as Google has already confirmed that the scrolling scrolling feature is also in the works.

What do you want to see in Android R / Android 11? Give us your desired functions in the comments!

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