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One of the best Huawei P30 deal available on the market simply hit its lowest worth but at £25 a month

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Since December came to a big finish and January sales started to become fewer and more far between, mobile phone deals across the board have shot up in price, leaving January feeling like the wrong month to buy a phone. However, amongst the price rises, one Huawei P30 deal has held fast with its affordability.

In fact, this tariff has done the opposite to most by dropping in price. Now all the way down to just £25 a month and £19 upfront, this is looking like the best option around for anyone planning on investing in this phone.

On top of that pricing, this contract from Three doesn't scrimp on data, offering 100GB of data each and every month. With the ability to browse the web for roughly 5000 hours or send 40,000 emails, it should just about have you covered.

You can find out more about this deal below. Or, if its not the right contract for you, consult our guide to the best Huawei P30 deals for all of the top contracts across the UK.

How good is the Huawei P30?

As we said above, the Huawei P30 is an impressive handset but the thing that really stands out here is the camera. At this price tag, we're happy in saying that this might just be the best camera phone around. With its triple lens set-up featuring a 30x zoom, wide angle, portrait mode and smart AI features, this camera will shine no matter the situation.

Inside the phone, there's a large 3650mAh battery, the processor is incredibly powerful and there's even a headphone jack on board! Yes, the device lacks wireless charging and doesn't have the highest IP rating but those are factors we're more than willing to forgive.

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