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Obtain iOS 14 Aesthetic App Icons for iPhone Residence Display

Download Ios 14 Aesthetic App Icons For Iphone Home Screen
Download Ios 14 Aesthetic App Icons For Iphone Home Screen

The most talked about, trending, and coveted iOS 14 feature is its customizable Home Screen. And while widgets were the talk of the town for some time, it is the neat trick that enables you to change app icons as per your will that takes the cake. But what other icons could you keep? What about the ease-of-use and the overall aesthetics? Well, why fear when iGeeks is at your side… here are some specially curated, iOS 14 aesthetic app icon packs for your iPhone.

Neon Aesthetic App Icons
Retro Aesthetic App Icons
Travel Aesthetic App Icons
Food Aesthetic App Icons
Black & White Aesthetic App Icons

Before we showcase our hand-picked icon sets, it is wise to note two things:

How to set a custom icon: Well it’s pretty simple, create a shortcut to open the app and add the custom image to it. For more details check out our step-by-step tutorial right here.
How to download these icons: Click on the link below each set, download all the images and they are ready to be your icons.

1. Neon Aesthetic App Icons

Neon it out with a vibrant, playful, and happy-thought inspiring icon set. It’s packed with colors, lights, and unique shapes. We know that you have to look at that screen multiple times a day. And since, neon can be overpowering at times, special attention has been given to balancing.

There are some super bright pieces accompanied by simple line drawings. So you have a bright & colorful iOS Home Screen, without it being too busy or distracting.

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2. Retro Aesthetic App Icons

Nostalgia is a very strong feeling and some old-school gadgets or design could instantly take you back to a happy childhood memory. So, the first thing these vintage-inspired icons will do is bring a broad smile on your face.

retro aesthetic app icon set for iphone runnng ios 14

And the second thing, well it will certainly paint your phone with some beautifully muted and earthy colors. Whether the Clock, Mail, or Instagram icon, there is something super nostalgic about each one of them.

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3. Travel Aesthetic App Icons

Bitten by the travel bug? All you can dream of or think about is your next travel? Then this icon set is perfect for you. Along with being on the chirpier side, these vectors also boats a sense of quirk. Dig deep to see if you can spot our subtle humor.

travel aesthetic app icon set for iphone

While they won’t be able to diminish your traveling blues, they will help you cope up with it. And as with all icons set in this post, we have taken special care for balance. Nothing is too bright or too dull, so you get an eye-pleasing effect whenever you look at your screen.

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4. Food Aesthetic App Icons

Made for and by food nerds, this set is inspired by tempting, junk food. The ‘cartoonish,’ avatar is quite intentional so that hunger-pangs do not distract you every time you look at your home screen. And in doing so, we have also accomplished another feat!

travel aesthetic app icon set for iphone runnng ios 14

The colorful artworks also ensure that the element of fun is omnipresent. If you love food, cute imagery, playful colors, it’s time to wear it on your sleeve (iPhone screen) and flaunt it.

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5. Black & White Aesthetic App Icons

Don’t underestimate the power of simple, subtle, & minimalistic line drawings. This special set plays with positive & negative space to illustrate all your app icons to perfection. And while it pumps up the overall interface of your device, it’s low on distraction and high on sophistication.

black & white aesthetic app icon set for iphone runnng ios 14

Another benefit of using black & white icons is that you are free to keep vibrant wallpapers that suit your taste. No color clashes due to the different shades of icons strewn around your screen. Do check this collection out, if such a scenario interests you.

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That’s all for now! 

We are hoping that you love and enjoy this icon sets. In case you have some ideas, requests about some aesthetic icon set that we should add in the list please share that in the comment section below. And if you are looking some suiting wallpapers to match with them, here is some of our collection:

Do note that the images used has been downloaded from elements.evanto.com & freepik.com

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