Huawei within the highlight once more, for the fallacious causes.


The United States imposed a trading block on Huawei and prevented US companies from doing anything with the company. This prevented Google Gmail, YouTube and Google Play, as well as many other apps for the upcoming Android phones Huawei and Honor.

In short, all of the Honor and Huawei cellphones currently on the market are fine (and have all Google advantages), but future devices will lack this.

 Huawei in the spotlight again, for the wrong reasons. "Width =" 700 "height =" 525 "class =" aligncenter size-medium wp-image-171791 "title =" Huawei is back in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. "/> </p>
<p> In the UK, Huawei has a massive stake in our communications infrastructure. The mobile masts you connect to will likely use the Huawei kit. If you have FTTP (Fiber To The Premises) or FTTC (Fiber To The Cabinet), you will likely find that there is a Huawei Echolife or Huawei ONT Box in your home now. </p>
<p> The lovable Mr. Trump does not agree with the British decision to allow Huawei to deliver "non-core" parts of the new 5G networks. In fact, a U.S. delegation is meeting with British ministers to show the evidence received that shows the security risks associated with continued use of the Huawei kit. </p>
<p> The British and US intelligence agencies will now have a heated debate over this as the United States has warned that the UK's 5G decision is "insane". </p>
<p> A Huawei spokesman told us .. </p>
<p> We are a private company that has been supplying 3G, 4G and broadband devices to UK telecommunications companies for 15 years. British experts are aware that our technology is not a security risk. </p>

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