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How you can Flip Off Parked Automobile Alerts from Maps on iPhone or iPad

How To Turn Off Parked Car Alerts From Maps On Iphone Or Ipad
How To Turn Off Parked Car Alerts From Maps On Iphone Or Ipad

While the Show Parked Location is a pretty helpful feature, you still might want to disable Parked Car alerts from Maps on iPhone & iPad. After all, not everyone parks their car in a busy parking lot or street every day. Luckily, you easily manage the alerts as per your day to day needs. Here’s how it works!

What is Parked Car Notification?

But before we proceed to disable Parked Car alerts from Maps, let’s understand a bit more about the feature. Incorporated in iOS 10, the Parked Car feature automatically marks your car’s current location when the iPhone or iPad is disconnected from CarPlay or the Bluetooth car stereo.

Then your device will notify you that the location has been saved. The idea is to enable you to easily & quickly find your car from the host of parked cars in a giant parking lot.

But if you don’t need it regularly, these frequent notifications can be irritating. So, here’ what you can do:

How to Turn Parked Car Notifications Off or On from iPhone

Go to the Settings app of your iOS device
Scroll down and tap on Maps.
Here, scroll down to the bottom of the page and Toggle Off Show Parked Location.Turn OFF Parked Car Alerts from Maps on iPhone

When in need, you can easily enable Parked Car alerts again by following the same method.

You can also choose to keep the feature on and disable notifications by SettingsNotificationsMaps → Toggle off Allow Notifications.

Turn OFF Maps Notifications on iPhone

However, this will stop all alerts from Maps. And may hinder turn-by-tune navigation as well. So, we advise using this setting very wisely.

Signing Off

Apple Maps might not have been the best navigation app out there. But it greatly improved in the past few years. And has incorporated some helpful features as well, such as:

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