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How one can Conceal Apps on iPhone and iPad in iOS 13 or 12

<pre><pre> How To Hide Apps On Iphone And Ipad In Ios 13 Or 12
 How To Hide Apps On Iphone And Ipad In Ios 13 Or 12

Despite the added security, my personal information is always a concern to me. And one of the tricks I use to shield apps is to keep them out of sight. With the introduction of more comprehensive parental controls, it is now possible to hide apps in iOS 13 and iPadOS.

With the exception of some core apps, you can hide them individually in iOS standard apps. However, there is no way to individually bury third-party apps. However, you can choose to hide apps by age. For example, you can hide over 17 apps to make sure they do not get into the hands of your naughty child. Enough talk, let me show you how it works!

Hide apps on iOS 13 and iPadOS

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Stock Apps Hide iPhone or iPad

Note: There are some stock apps like settings, photos, health that will not be hidden. However, you have the ability to keep other apps, such as Camera, Mail, Safari out of sight.

Remember to get started. You must first enable Screen Time on your device. Go to this complete guide.

Step 1. Open the App Settings on your iOS device → Now tap Screen Time → Continue on Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Step 2. Check the box next to Content and Privacy Restrictions.

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<p> <strong> Step # 3. </strong> Type as Next on <strong> Legal Apps </strong>and then turn off <strong> the </strong> switch next to each app you want to keep secret. </p>
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Follow the first two steps as above.

Step # 3. Then tap Content Restrictions → Then tap Apps.

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<p> <strong> Step # 4. </strong> Next, if you want to hide all downloaded apps, select <strong> Do not allow apps. </strong> </p>
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That's all!


Now that you know how to bury your apps hold, make the most of the trick I wish there was an Op eration certain applications to hide. What do you think?

Previously, we summarized the best vault apps that let you hide photos and files. So if you want to give them a strong shield, give them a chance.

Another easy way to get rid of unwanted apps is to put them in a folder. Okay, it's not a perfect path, but if you want to keep the screen clear, it can do a pretty good job.

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