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How one can Change Featured Photograph in iOS 14 on iPhone

How To Change Featured Photo In Ios 14 On Iphone
How To Change Featured Photo In Ios 14 On Iphone

Photos widget in iOS 14 shows random images from ‘Memories‘ and ‘Featured Photos’ section. The algorithm works in the background and keeps displaying different images that it thinks you might like. However, sometimes certain pictures might show up that you dislike or do not want on the Home screen for personal or privacy reasons. In such cases, you have the option to change the featured photo in iOS 14 effortlessly. Here’s how.

How to Remove a Featured Photo from the Photos widget in iOS 14

Tap on the picture in the widget. It will open in the Photos app.
Tap on the Share icon and then tap on Remove from Featured Photos. From the ‘For You’ tab in the Photos app, you may also long-press on an image to see this option.
If a Memory is shown in the widget, tap on the More icon from the top right. Next tap on Suggest Fewer Memories Like This → If shown, choose from Suggest This Day Less or Suggest This Place LessConfirm.open photos widget tap on more and then tap on suggest fewer memories like this on iphone
select option and tap on confirm to remove image from featured photo in ios 14 widget on iphone

The image will immediately be removed from the widget, and the next image (if there) will take its place. You can follow the above steps to remove as many images you dislike from the ‘For You’ section. They won’t show in the Photos widget.

Unfortunately, as of now, you can not choose or set which photos are displayed. But in the future, (we hope) Apple adds an option where it allows you to create an album with the desired pictures just for the Photos widget.

Signing Off

This is how you can remove the undesired image from the iOS 14 Photos widget. In case there are several unwanted images, and you do not have the time to remove them individually, you may get away with the widget itself.

To remove the widget: Long press on it and tap on Remove WidgetRemove.

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