Fb makes it simpler to go away Fb with the Google Photographs export instrument


Facebook allows you to keep all your photos and videos on the service. But what if you want to save those memories? One way is to download your user data for safekeeping. However, the social network has also developed a new tool that allows you to upload your photos and videos to Google Photos.

The tool was announced today in its engineering blog. and it is the first big step in the data transfer project. This project is a collaboration between Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter, and seeks to develop an easy way for users to transfer data between these services.

Facebook confirms that its open source tool is limited to users currently in Ireland, but will be available globally in early 2020. The social network indicates that the tool will support other services in addition to Google Photos in the near future. Presumably, users who want to use iCloud or OneDrive can also join the action soon.

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The ability to export Facebook photos and videos to Google Photos is a great step for users who want to save their memories in a centralized repository. It also makes work easier if you plan to delete your account because you do not need to download all of your user data and manually upload content to Google Photos.

Another benefit of transferring your Facebook photos and videos to Google Photos is that you can use Google's machine learning capabilities. These machine learning features include optical character recognition, object / face detection, and automatic photo adjustments.

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