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Chrome and Chrome OS updates can be found once more after a week-long break.

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 The Chrome App Now Supports Copying Images, But May Not Work For You (updated)

Update, March 27, 2020 (1:30 p.m. ET): Google recently announced that its Chrome browser and Chrome OS devices are now getting updates again after being paused last week would have. This has probably been done to give stability priority, as millions of people around the world started working from home earlier this month thanks to the current coronavirus pandemic. The next stable channel update will be released in the week of April 7th, while the Canarian, developer and beta updates will resume this week.

Google has already canceled its Chrome 82 version, however Chrome 83 will include updates and improvements in all canceled versions. Chrome 83 will land sometime in May, which is a few weeks before the first release schedule.

Google will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that Chrome and Chrome OS are as stable, secure and reliable as possible.

"We will keep everyone updated on changes to our schedule on this blog and will post more details about the schedule in the Chromium Developers group as needed," said Google. "You can always search for specific dates for each milestone on our schedule page."

Original, March 18, 2020 (2:15 p.m. ET): If you are using Chrome browser or a Chrome OS Device, you will soon no longer receive major software updates. According to a new post on the Google blog, Chrome updates have been stopped until further notice.

Google names "customized work plans" as the culprit for the delay in introducing Chrome updates, which essentially means "corona virus". Most of Google’s employees are currently working remotely, which would undoubtedly lead to problems with the introduction of stable updates for millions of people using Chrome OS and the Chrome browser.

However, Google emphasizes that this will be the case. Continue to prioritize updates for the latest versions of Chrome and Chrome OS, including security patches for both systems. So you don't have to worry about your systems becoming insecure. You won't see any new features for the time being.

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As you might expect, Google gives no indication of how long this moratorium will last. Since we're all pretty much in the dark about how long the reaction to the corona virus has to take for life to return to normal, it may take some time for the Chrome updates to restart.

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