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Arrange and use voice management on iPhone on iOS 13

<pre><pre> Set Up And Use Voice Control On Iphone On Ios 13
 Set Up And Use Voice Control On Iphone On Ios 13

Voice control is an accessibility tool for iPhone and iPad that lets you use and control your device without physically touching the screen. Switching on is effortless and operation is simple. However, it may take a while for all voice commands to be kept in mind.

In this post we will deal with turning on and using voice control on iPhone running iOS 13. Before we go into that, however, you need to know what this function does, who it is for, and how You can interact with your iPhone using voice control.

Turn on and use voice control in iOS 13 on iPhone

Quick access:

Who is it for Voice control?

Voice Control is aimed at people with disabilities who cannot or can hardly touch their iPhone or iPad screen. The voice control enables you to work with your language to use almost all functions of your iDevice such as messages, mail, calls, notes etc. This is an incredible option for people with limited dexterity or mobility. It can also be an alternative to physical touch controls if you have your hands full and prefer to use your device with speech.

How to use voice control on iPhone on iOS 13

Before proceeding, make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 1. Start the Settings app on your iPhone and tap Accessibility .

Step # 2. Tap Voice Control .

Step # 3. Tap Set Voice Control Next Done . The switch for voice control is activated.

 Tap "Done" to set up voice control on the iPhone. "Width = "1500" height = "1073" /> </p>
<p> The gray and black microphone symbol is shown at the top of the screen. A download starts in the background. Wait for the process to finish. Once this is done, the microphone icon turns blue. You can now use <strong> Voice Control </strong> without an internet connection. How to activate <strong> voice control </strong> on your iPhone and iPad. </p>
<p> <img class= Interact with the iPhone screen using the voice control

When the voice control is listening, you can say words and phrases for system commands and navigation functions such as:

"Open "
"Open Control Center"
"Go home"
"Go back"
"Go to sleep"
"Scroll up" etc.


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