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70Mai A800 Twin-vision 4K Sprint Cam launched on Indiegogo

70mai A800 Dual Vision 4k Dash Cam Launched On Indiegogo
70mai A800 Dual Vision 4k Dash Cam Launched On Indiegogo

Xiaomi‘s ecological chain company 70Mai has launched its first product under the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform which is an indication that the product is available to buyers from all parts of the world. The product is the 70Mai A800 Dual-vision 4K Dash Cam with pricing starting at $95.

The 70mai A800 is an in-car DVR that delivers day-and-night cinema-quality (up to 4k resolution) images in dual vision. It’s equipped with the leading ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistant System) tech that boosts your driving safety. When the vehicle is parked, the parking mode will monitor the car’s surroundings and automatically start recording if any collision is detected. Recordings are stored locally and can be viewed in-app for on-site download and instant sharing.

Built around a powerful Sony IMX 415 CMOS image sensor, the A800 dashcam records 4K UHD videos with a wide-angle 140° FOV. Combined the optional rear cam*, every important detail in the front or rear of the vehicle can be recorded clearly to provide irrefutable video evidence or capture the landscape along your journey with cinema-quality video.70Mai A800 Dual-vision 4K Dash Cam

The A800 achieves stunning video and vivid, clear images even in low-light conditions using a 3D DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) tech, F/1.8 aperture lens and a smart algorithm that significantly reduces image noise and automatically adjusts the exposure balance. The result is an enhanced night vision with greater details.

The dashcam packs a 3-inch High Definition screen from which users can easily switch between the front and the rear views with a simple press.

The A800 is more than just a reliable dashcam. When you start the car, the camera automatically begins recording and enables the ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) that will assist you while driving with lane-departure and forward-collision warnings that help you avoid accidents.

The Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system uses the A800 camera to monitor the lane markings to make sure the car remains safely in the lane of travel. In case you are distracted and begin to drift, the LDW system uses an audio alarm to warn you, for a safe driving every day!

The A800 also includes an advanced Forward-collision Warning system that automatically monitors the car driving in front of you. If the vehicles get too close, too quickly, for instance in the case of a sudden stop by the leading car, A800 will warn you with an audible alarm. This system is especially useful in stop-and-go traffic during busy commute times.

With A800 4k dashcam, the protection doesn’t stop when you leave your car. After parking, the Parking Mode is automatically activated. Using a 3-axis gravity sensor, A800 can detect any hit-and-run collision and immediately begin recording to capture valuable video evidence.

When you return to the car after a Parking Mode incident, A800 will remind you to check the event recordings in-app.

A800 also acts as an accurate trip computer, storing data that includes mileage, range, average speed, max speed, duration and more that can be viewed conveniently in-app. It’s great for long trips and to record the exact location of an accident if one should occur.

The A800 records video on a loop and stores it locally on a Micro SD memory card (up to 128GB supported) while driving. This ensures that in the event of an accident, the video evidence will be captured and then safely secured from overwriting. You simply open the App to playback or download the videos free of charge.

No network is necessary to connect your smartphone with A800. It seamlessly connects using its own Wi-Fi for full instant access to stored videos. The dashcam also acts as a digital camera, controlled with your phone to capture any picture or view along your route. Share memories of every special road trip fast and easy online!

Installation is super easy. Because it requires no special wiring, the A800 can be installed in minutes. Simply attach to the windscreen, connect to power at the vehicles 12v power source, download the 70mai app and connect with your smartphone using built-in Wi-Fi.